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Be Loyal!

We're not like every other site out there in the BINGO World!
Be loyal and you'll be laughing all the way to the Bank
We won't give you Bonuses like everyone else, stick with us and you'll get to enjoy REAL MONEY!

It's so easy, from the first £1 bet you'll be rewarded!
The more bets you make the quicker you'll climb up the loyalty ladder to enjoy the perks of the Ace Club.

NO Wagering Requirements, it's ALL REAL MONEY!
WIN Daily FREE Spins, up to 10% Cash back, FREE Tickets to the Big BANG Game and Exclusive Access to the Loyalty Rooms where you can win up to £250 REAL MONEY up to twice a month!

We've got a £10,000 Guaranteed REAL MONEY Jackpot coming your way!
The best part is that everyone gets a piece of it! Want to join a game where everyone is guaranteed a WIN? Well you've come to the right place!
You've got a Big Bang Game on the 10th of every month @ 20:00

Bingo and WIN:
FH: £750    2Line: £500    1Line: £250
All 1TG Split: £2,000    All 2TG Split: £1,500

Remaining £5,000 will be shared respectively between all players

Loyalty £250 REAL MONEY Games:

Climb up the Loyalty ladder straight into the Loyalty Games.
Become a VIP!
Not only will you enjoy FREE Spins, Cashback and FREE Tickets to the Big BANG Game but you'll also enjoy access to WIN MORE REAL Money!

Indulge in up to 2 Games a Month with up to £250 REAL Money to be WON!
Don't forget- There's NO WAGERING Requirements!

Level 1 1 1 0 0 -
Level 2 2 5 0 1 -
Level 3 3 6 0 2 -
Level 4 4 7 0 3 -
Level 5 5 8 1% 4 -
Level 6 6 10 1% 5 Access to £250 Game per month
Level 7 7 11 1% 10 Access to £250 Game per month
Level 8 8 12 1% 15 Access to £250 Game per month
Level 9 9 13 1% 20 Access to £250 Game per month
Level 10 10 14 1% 25 Access to £250 Game per month
Level 11 11 15 2% 30 Access to 2x £250 Game per month Access
Level 12 12 20 3% 35 Access to 2x £250 Game per month Access
Level 13 13 30 4% 70 Access to 2x £250 Game per month
Level 14 14 40 5% 80 Access to 2x £250 Game per month
Level 15 15 50 10% 96 Access to 2x £250 Game per month
Terms and Conditions:
  • Loyalty level is classified, on a lifetime level.
  • Points are updated every 24 hours
  • The Loyalty levels are updated on a daily basis i.e. if you placed a bet on a specific day, your loyalty status will be updated only on the following day
  • Just Cash Bingo reserves the right to amend or remove these offers at any time without notice
  • Just Cash Bingo reserves the right to change a player's loyalty level at its own discretion, as well as the loyalty levels themselves.
  • Just Cash Bingo maintains the right to upgrade or downgrade any player from any Loyalty level on its own sole discretion.
  • General T&Cs Apply

Loyalty Benefits:
  • Loyalty Benefits (monthly cashback, monthly free cards, and eligibility for the loyalty free room) are calculated at the beginning of each calendar month, with regards to the previous months' activity.
  • In order to be eligible for the Loyalty Benefits, you should be a registered subscribed player and to be classified at least as a 'Level 1'.
  • If you wagered on the Site, during a calendar month, you will receive a percentage from any of your losing bets, as real money to your account, on the following month ("Cash-back").
  • Cash-back will be calculated as follows: Wager - Wins.
  • The Cash Back rewarded will be given as Real Money
  • The maximum Cashback that you can gain is £100 (only one account of each player can receive the 'Cash-back ').
  • The minimum Cashback that you can gain is £1.
  • Free Cards: As defined in the table above, Just Cash Bingo reserves the right to change the game to which free tickets will be credited to at any given time with no notice.
  • Free Spins voucher: According to your loyalty level, you are granted with 'Free Spins', as defined here:
    POINTS FROM POINTS TO Number of daily Free Spins FS WIN CAP
    1 49 1 0.1
    51 249 5 0.15
    525 849 6 0.2
    853 2449 7 0.25
    2454 6449 8 0.3
    6455 16049 10 0.5
    16056 38449 11 0.55
    38457 89649 12 0.6
    89658 204849 13 0.65
    204859 460849 14 0.7
    460860 1024049 15 0.75
    1024061 2252849 20 1
    2252862 4915249 30 1.5
    4915263 10649649 40 2
    10649664 22937649 50 2.5
  • Your winnings derived from the use of vouchers will be displayed in points. Only when the requirements above are fulfilled, the points displayed will be converted to winnings in real money. Unless otherwise stated: (i) the conversion rate shall be 100 points equals £1; and (ii) winnings from such vouchers are capped in accordance to the table above.
  • Free Spins have a validity of 24 hours
  • If a player has not logged in daily, Free spins will not accumulate and will be forfeited. E.g. If a player is entitled to 5 days' worth of free spins but only logs in once- the 5 days of free spins will not be accumulated, only free spins from that specific day logged in will be available.
  • Free Spins will be credited to the promotors Game choice
    If a player has not made a deposit according to the below timeframes, we reserve the right to remove the points as follows:
    • Didn't deposit between 30-60 days - reduction of 30%
    • Didn't deposit between 60 -90 days - reduction of 50%
    • Didn't deposit over 90 days - reduction of 100%
  • Your loyalty Benefits (if any) will be awarded to you by the 7th of every month.

Last updated on 26/04/18

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